Libya’s civil war, U.S. media said NATO has been u

report quoted an official as saying coalition forces , based on legal and practical reasons, the Libyan capital Tripoli in order to avoid against Gaddafi troops fled , while consolidating Libya

Although NATO spokesman Lava press conference in 23 , said : Up to now, the attacks on Tripoli ‘s main objective is after a few days or months of NATO reconnaissance surveillance , the military leaders of the headquarters or suspected weapons storage buildings. At the same time , NATO needs to ensure that no civilians in the building .

According to reports , the United States and NATO is not the first encounter in the urban environment , Especially in the Baghdad battlefield , the U.S. has received a lot of experience .

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modern fast-newspaper assessment

Yesterday, the news suddenly spread on the Internet, a cause of consternation — because in a few days ago, the housing sector is also clear that pre-marital property to the name does not need tax increases. (See the Express report today)

house, is generally the largest Chinese family property, while it is also the heaviest burden of a family property. Often in order to buy a new house, working families to exhaust their life savings, some even two generations co-payment required hard-earned money. Thus, torture has been very high prices aggrieved people, I heard the house to add a

course, emotional catharsis alone is not enough. For pre-marital property ownership on the deed tax changes, we need people in the analysis of the extent and pain of the tax burden on reasonableness given interpretation.

accordance with the tax department official explained, the couple married name to be added to the pre-marital property, which is a housing ownership change. Under the As previously why not charge? Because

which the end it passed to the recently issued judicial interpretation on the new marriage law. Impression is that this tax is long overdue collection, no charge, it is polite to you.

that argument can not be said without reason. Tax does have similar provisions. Use the words of one popular called Before the forfeiture can be seen as government farmer’s well-being. Received today, you said that the Government and the public for profit, tax collection is the norm, he said, who who is difficult to refute.

However, we examine a collection of local taxes should or should not, is reasonable, it can not tax out of people’s livelihood, environment and regional tax policy for social harmony and happiness of residents.

there are two statistics that each of us need extra attention:

First, China’s current tax misery index has been high, ranking the world’s top few. Of course, the authorities have explained some of the agencies to determine the level of tax burden, there are still some errors, in fact, the actual tax collection rate is not high, appeared to achieve the purpose of income tax and in fact the high nominal low tax burden of the rare exceptions. The current tax revenues can not meet public expenditure needs, the need to raise overall tax burden.

this presents an unavoidable dilemma: the people a sense of the heavy taxes and the tax authorities of the rhetoric Why? Some experts believe that this reflects a reality that in the main taxes, our country there are many small local consumption tax and taxes, so that the overall tax burden in the name of a high level. People’s actual tax burden is far greater than the statistics literally. Livelihood objective take on the At this time, if the burden then a lesser amount of administrative fees rose to a greater deed, the people’s pain, especially deep.

Second, there is an incomplete statistics, real estate-related taxes a total of 12 species. In addition, the administrative fees are also numerous, requiring a total payment of more than 50 administrative fee, which involved about 25 different government departments, the overall cost of the total development costs of 15% to 20%. A large part of which will eventually allow consumers to buy by price alone. It’s not finished, people buy a personal suite, mainly related to tax the circulation of the transaction, ie buy when the primary real estate deed tax paid (need to pay with the figure fees, transaction fees, registration fees and warrants), etc. , as well as buy, sell second-hand housing required to pay sales tax, deed tax, stamp duty, etc. (need to pay registration fees, mortgage registration fees and so on). In addition, real estate bequest, inheritance registration process astronomical notarial fees, it is too light exposure has long been Express. We can say that people spend on the 7788 money a house has to go to sea, and did not expect to add a

Originally, the high tax burden is not terrible, as long as However, we think, a house drained ordinary people’s property, and in what areas are to national welfare so that everyone out? Home Builders greedy profiteering, the power sector, a share of the local land financial way, have contributed to a sense of people’s taxes into a Under this regime, confused, in the

the introduction of a new judicial interpretation of the Marriage Law, which aims to restore a healthy love and marriage, love do not let them get lost in the material, do not let the house be happy fetters. Contractors who would like to, I myself first relevant

so to their own Whether he is a person or a department.

hope that the tax authorities take it seriously,

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BB ejection lower body 6 years old child died foll

World Wide Web – > > Taiwan – > > News insider subscription mobile newspaper Global Times

According to Taiwan media reports, a 47- Hsinchu year-old man, Mr Lam , six years ago following the abuse of children as young as 6 years old , not only interrupted the boy ribs , also tied the boy naked , hung up hungry, frozen , and even BB guns ( toy guns ) firing boy lower body , causing abused the boy died , surnamed Lin also buried tracks . Judge that the vicious man surnamed Lin major , remorse after committing , is not reconciliation with their families , according to a continuous cause of injury to child offenders sentenced to 15 years in the death penalty . In addition, the boy ‘s mother Amy Chan (29 years) to seek criminal prosecution by abandoned 16 years of death , pending.

court investigation , the boy surnamed Lin body buried in his hometown of longan trees annihilation evidence , until the accident two years ago the police found poisonous insect monitor the case . The judge held that the defendant and the victim’s mother living together , although not the boy surnamed Lin natural flesh and blood , this should take care of the victims , ignoring the dead was 6 years old , long-term improper corporal punishment , to BB ejection genitalia , and no hospital the boy died , the he was sentenced to 15 years . (China Taiwan Network Feng Jiang )

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Room 303 Zip


about promoting seminar array run red red and cultural parties , cinemas recently is a reflection of the Chinese Communist Party aggressively lesson of the movie You are concerned about the red civilization?

real possession purchase of the New Deal in the first 15 min of people feel the survey

2011 year, the metropolis has published more than the purchase order, maximum of the city’s property mall namely mired in deep wait . How efficacious the New Deal , the attribute market has changed , people feel? Global public opinion survey hub joint bank apt heave amuse rates aboard the World Wide Web related topics including a scrutinize of Internet users . [extra ]

as doubtful , it is value noting that there are 17.0% of respondents deem that the dispose of Earth in 2012 . [More ]

Focus on Beijing traffic jam Weapon

Look at how public attitude from the city’s traffic population in 2003 exceeded 2 million since Beijing began 8 years ‘ rule blocking However, at present the contradictions of folk and vehicles still can no crack . [More ]

ROK joint naval discipline always public wrestling

United States, The newspaper came out that occasioned great care. [More ]

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Strategic sway Murdoch miscalculated

MySpace namely extra like a bet : Strategic wag Murdoch miscalculated

iPhone4 nightmare you absence to proceed to prevail the top 10 mobile

WebOS tablet dual-core HP TouchPad comprehensive dismantling

dolphin fat like a whale : inventory of the globe can no longer portly animals

LEI 18 -year-old dream to circle

duration when the investor is known as China’s can save a solemn ebb of Jinshan it? he can effect his youngster dream? [more ]

Ren : each daytime considering almost the failure of this review

Ren quotations, in him there is a lot to learn , to understand and pass ashore things. [More ]

Who says no agreeable cheap goods ? 500 yuan premium mobile Recommended

[ global mobile phone sales ranking ] [iPhone5 rivals ] [ short-listed China Mobile the world’s 10 best smartphones ]
[ amount of millions of cattle machine ] [ Android mobile phone avails and disadvantages of eight ] [ten WP7 muscular great advertisement machines ]

Nokia N10 concept machine exposure machine collecting the world’s coolest concept

[ appreciation of the world’s best inspired concepts machine ] [ maximum intelligent machine problem ] [ the concept of the world’s most shuffle machine ]
[ the hereafter appreciation of the world’s mobile calls ] [ Nokia concept WP7 ] [ have no looked the concept of foreign machine ]

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Chinese stocks in the U.S. been hunting

Do not amplify low -end to be eroded to quicken the wastage of China’s abroad arrays

[ Order into a hot potato to qualify companies to startle three huge shock ] [ foreign technology kidnapped order ]

Lee Kuan Yew said China’s economic antagonistic American and the United States for 10 years ambition not stop

[ expert : China spoiled the United States ] [ U.S. economic Update : the same destiny of the world’s assorted ]

diplomatic media hot Chinese economy : What are the challenges and opportunities ( Photos )

[ foreign media distribution , Secret earth ‘s altitude clubs even more luxurious ] [ club into a changed exposure Palace outstanding client merchandise ]

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail four days from the failure happened in 3

1 2 3 4

interview with Ya-Qin Zhang , vice president of Microsoft

companies to do long , business is not enough light there have to depend on innovation. [More ]

Warren Buffett : optimistic almost China’s prospects because the afterward 100 annuals the Chinese economic

faster than the U.S. economy , which namely nice for the United States [ Details ]

Chinese stocks in the U.S. been hunting

focus the chief bank to heave amuse rates in 2011

focus aboard China’s protection of housing construction

Harbin Pharmaceutical shares deep pollution door

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namely namely the wafer of floor myself

Livable waterfront , hike , voyage

hair listen to the rain numerous of the world is one worldwide city was built at the water , like a green bandage across the Seine in Paris , the two sides blend of the most classic of the city ; from west to the Thames East London from the winding along, enjoying the scenery of the River Thames canoe is considered the best course to penetrate London ; more

leisure alive market cellar with the metropolis ‘s popular

leisure activities, shopping is absolutely indispensable adoption . 24 -year-old white-collar workers in Shanghai Yanzi preference small shopping mall with basement. We often visit the antique light, Metro City, Shanghai IFC , Raffles that few , are a station instantly into the basement. Fun to mention , of lesson, is that the wafer of floor myself , gourmet snacks, boutique supermarket , Beauty Shop … … More

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Railways Response

Hangzhou Xixing Bridge collapsed

1 2 3

Railways Response: Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail technology is much higher than the Shinkansen high-speed rail

out of a Chinese import , assimilation , absorption, re-innovation of the neutral innovation, technology has gone beyond the class of Japan’s Shinkansen .

Yunnan medium cried ashore the High Court sentenced according apt law , So , is this so-called public carnival , or is it a miscarriage of justice ?

Heilongjiang announced that the isle ambition be 20 dark and blind from the appearance globe excursion Hot Comments Hebei Hot comments heavy washing , said Party Secretary of Shenzhen high-risk teams is to answer the comments while power Shaanxi Chenggu 200 square meter was divided into 19 live extra than 30 folk comment on sang Lan crew to prevaricate to trick the public exposure the insurance corporation did not comment Henan repentance comments Commerce Department reported that the affected funds final year, working overseas Sangong fee , said Guangdong accounted for 94% of the comments to a node of social contradictions in the management of comments to encourage foreign workers

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who was the 38th premier of the United States

(CNN) — A terminal service will be held Thursday for sometime first madam Betty Ford in Michigan, where she will be laid to recess.

The casket holding her remains arrived Wednesday in Grand Rapids for the service.

A welcome rite was held presently afterward the arrival, followed along a private chant service at a exhibit and library labeled afterward her late husband, Gerald Ford.

A public outlooking of the casket was held Wednesday night, and will be held repeatedly Thursday from 7 a.m. to 10 morning at the presidential library in Grand Rapids, according to the library’s website.

A funeral is scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m. at Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids, the website said.

Her remains will be returned to the museum’s grounds for a private interment ceremony, the website said.

The premier of the two services was held Tuesday close where Ford set up a popular liquor and drug damage manipulation center, the Betty Ford Center, in Rancho Mirage, California.

Ford died Friday at old 93.

Her husband, who was the 38th president of the United States, died in 2006.

She will be interred aside her husband.

CNN’s Michael Martinez and Joe Sutton endowed to this article.

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almost 2 billion dollars

Reporting Jeff Gilbert

A local steelmaker is getting a $730 million loan from a federal program aimed by making vehicles more fuel efficient.

The money ambition work to Severstal Dearborn, which immediately owns and operates the plant on the huge Rouge complex. It will be secondhand to convert the plant to establishing tall strength irons, that will work into future automobiles.

“Today’s announcement will create jobs, reinforce our manufacturing manufacture and help our automakers contest in a global mall,” said Energy Secretary Steven Chu, in a conference phone with journalists.

The Energy Department says the loans will create 2500 construction jobs, and 250 lasting manufacturing jobs.

This is part of a $25 billion allied agenda namely — prior to this announcement — had merely granted $8.4 billion in loans. Chrysler has been waiting word ashore its lend application for more than two annuals. General Motors recently withdrew its request.

Chu would not annotate on other loan applications. Previous loans under this program have been granted to Ford, Nissan and electric carmakers Fisker and Tesla.

This is the first period this program has been used to loan money to a enterprise other than a carmaker. However, Chu said Severstal eligible for one auto supplier, since the high strength steel it will make, is going to be used for vehicles of the future.

“The perfected steel produced at the facilities will enable car manufacturers to decrease the total vehicle heaviness by ten per penny, when conference increasingly stringent safety requirements,” he said.

Analysts mention vehicles will must be lighter in the future to meet additional fuel economic requirements.

Senator Carl Levin praised Severstal’s goodwill to make a big investment to upgrade the aging Dearborn facility that was once a part of Ford, and used to be called Rouge Steel.

“They’ve shown reassurance in Michigan, in America, in American manufacturing along their commitment of numerous, many greenbacks, about two billion dollars, in this plant,” he said.

Levin mentioned that he’s now driving a Chevy Volt, which has several steel parts invested by Severstal.

Other lawmakers with ties to Dearborn were merry to hear about the investment.

“It’s going to make my congressional area green, said Congressman John Dingell. “I absence you to know I’m quite amused.”

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